by basement band

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released July 19, 2011

© 2011

basement band:
jeff malinowski - guitar, harmonica, vocals
amal bouhabib - vocals
john durgee - drums, vocals
james preston - bass, vocals

patrick hay - guitar
thomas bryan eaton - pedal steel, guitar

violin on "roll my baby down" by skye steele.

additional vocals on "roll my baby down" & "july" by kamara thomas.

recorded at vacation island, brooklyn, ny & beatstreet productions, nyc.

basic tracking engineered by bryan trenis.

additional tracking engineered by jeff malinowski.

mixed by jeff malinowski.

mastered by warren russell smith at the magic shop, nyc.

album artwork by julia durgee.

all songs written by jeff malinowski except "roll my baby down" by amal bouhabib and jeff malinowski.



all rights reserved


basement band New York

Since its inception in 2005, the Brooklyn-based band has brought its unique mix of four-part harmonies, honest lyrics, and searing guitar solos to rock clubs, coffeehouses, barns, and outdoor festivals across the country.

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Track Name: July
you said the lake was cold
when you dipped in your toe
and called out to me in the night
i sat back by the table
sipping on a foreign ale
just watching you swim under the moonlight

when we fell to sleep
we fell to our knees
and cursed at the sun when it rose
we headed back to work
nursing heads that surely hurt
but we'd be back tomorrow night i suppose

in july
i held you in my arms and in my heart
in july
you were mine only for the month

we rolled around under the stars
and in the backseat of my car
we'd hide out from the other for a while
i kissed your neck, i kissed your cheek
i told you lies you believed
this thing we have ain't never gonna change

when august came and went the fall
just like my promise i would call
went flying out the window just the same
but i swear that every time
them summer months arrive
i miss you baby i wish you'd say my name
Track Name: Honeyloo
i heard what i owe ya babe
i can't believe it's true
cause i ain't seen ya for a week
or maybe even two
so why don't you come on over babe
i'll show you where i sleep
just don't look under my carpets baby
or check behind them drapes

all i want is you
can't believe it's true

i bought you a drink of whiskey
and i got you something to eat
but if that don't buy me nothing
i guess i'll go to sleep
seems like every night i go out
i've got nothing to show
except a lightness in my wallet
and flatness on my shoes

i just wanna love you babe
i swear that it's true
so why don't you come on over girl
i'll show you how i do
i'll clean up my apartment
i'll even cook a meal
i'll show ya what you wanna see
if you tell me how ya feel
Track Name: Havemeyer
winter's she's a coming can't ya hear my heat pipes play
i pull tighter on my jacket while i wait on the j train
and i'll freeze off my fingers while i'm praying for rain
cause the time on my hands sure looks like she's gonna change

i wear my blue suit walking let the wind color my face
spend the night out on the east side with a woman twice my age
and in the morning i'll need coffee but i can't stand the taste
i'll have my head in my hands and my rent money to replace

so it's one more drink for those who think that no stones been unturned
but for those of us who know there must be somplace left on earth
to keep us high
we're gonna find it here

i never said i was a hero i only said i don't turn down fights
so unless you need a punching bag don't be leaving on your bedroom light
cause it'll only take one shot to put me down for the night
i'll have you're head in my hands but i'll still think i'm right

so what i gotta do babe what i gotta say to make you wanna run
my track record up to this point ain't nothing to be proud of
but if you got time
and i got time
let's give it a shot

i stumble home in the morning with the big rigs running south
winter's now turned to spring time and i think about what i found
and i ain't sure for nothing if i'm gonna be sticking around
i've got a bed and a lease on the other side of town
Track Name: Roll My Baby Down
holy man unholy land
building castles in the sand
ride your tanks through bethlehem
another thousand years to go before we're dead

fair haired beauty from the west
raised to love the government
dreams of houses with a white-picketed fence
half a lifetime to go before she's dead

oh they rolled my baby down
rolled her deep into the ground
no more to see
oh they rolled my baby down
all that's good enough is gone
no more to be
just let it be

i let her go my only daughter
they gave her food and bed and water
only love can make it better
for it's an endless road of sorrow left to go
Track Name: Carnival
the carnival pulls into town
raging through like an old dust cloud
set up shop in a parking lot
got a dollar that's all it costs

i want so bad just to be there
the lights from the rides i can see them
from where i stand

young and old they're flocking to
cotton candy and the petting zoo
and the high school boys try to get with girls
who are all dressed up in their mama's pearls

i want so bad just to be them
the lights in their eyes i can see them
from where i stand

the lights go dim and the brooms come out
they're sweeping up and moving south
and the rodeo clowns in colored rags
put paper cups into plastic bags

and i want so bad to just be with them
a family of fools i'm just a witness
from where i stand